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Kristina aka Russianseaweed
A delicious and rawlicious vegan chef

I am a passionate chef who creates a PIECE of art that keeps PEACE on one’s plate. I live and breathe a kind lifestyle and diet on the Earth. I admire the richness of all the crops that have been presented to us by our beautiful land. I have been a high carb vegan for the last 7 years of my life. I am an author of the vegan cheese book "Vegan Cheese Factory",with recipes that can be done under 15 minutes. 


I always say: “I run on sugar”! Fruit may be the answer to all health issues. I am in love with durian... This fruit is my permanent partner in life. He is always there for me: rain or shine, cry or smile, sad or happy. Jackfruit is my lover; his sweetness pumps me up on the days when I really need him. If only I can describe my feelings to every existent fruit - a “Guinness book” would need to be called for a new record of a fruit lover. Another beautiful country of love and reggae presented to me my third the most delicious flower - Ackee... The unique flavour of this sexy fruit proves again that life is worth living. As you can see, I absolutely love and live this amazing fruit-loaded lifestyle. My dream has been to show my skills and be among those people who live, think, celebrate the same values in life.


I have been very fortunate in life: I have my best 2 gifts in life-my eyes; every day when I open them I am so thankful that I stand on this Earth that provides all we need. Only kindness and care will save our future, I try to build bridges not walls among people; I always encourage others to “hold hands, not guns”. Life is so fragile; we have to appreciate every second of our existence.


I fell in love with Koh Phangan because this island has a magical power and a huge vegan community.  I decided to create "Vegan Freedom Retreat" because nothing like this is available today on the market.  Thailand is famous for an "Island hopping" but I am taking you on a very unique retreat as a "Vegan restaurant hopping".  The island will change your life, spirit and will open a new chapter in your life journey.  Come with me and you will have the best vegan trip of your life.

Vegan Freedom Retreats by Russianseaweed

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